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WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting for Small Businesses

Quality hosting can be outrageously expensive. With a CR Local website, you get to use our premium hosting platform, with maximum security and uptime, for a fraction of the cost you’d pay anywhere else.

Managed hosting plans starting at $250/month.

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The Fastest, Most Secure Website Hosting

Is your website secure? Does it load quickly? Is it even up?


Premium WordPress Hosting

Not all website hosting is the same.

Sure, you can pay the big companies $9.99/mo for shared WordPress hosting – it’s affordable, but is it secure? Is it fast? Is your site even up for your customers to see? Chances are the answers to all of those questions are “no” more often than you’d like to admit, and they’re probably charging you hundreds of dollars more for your SSL Certificate. That doesn’t sound like such a deal…

Our premium WordPress hosting package has you covered from all sides: it’s secure, it’s fast, and we include a whole host of extra features (pun intended) that you’ll never get from the big shared hosting companies.

The Benefits of CR Local WordPress Hosting

  • Proprietary caching technology for lightening-fast loading
  • Uptime monitoring – never worry if your site is down
  • Real-time security threat detection, preventing DDoS attacks
  • Managed WordPress patches and updates to all core files, plugins, and themes
  • Nightly Backups – never lose your data, content, or artwork
  • Cutting-Edge PHP Updates – using the latest versions for the fastest, most secure user experience
  • Expanding Asset Capabilities – even if your traffic spikes, your site won’t go down
  • SSL Certificates included with every site ($200 value!)

You won’t get these benefits from the big guys. And we’ll take it a step further. With any of our SEO Packages, you get all of these features included for FREE!

WordPress Hosting Pricing

The features listed sound great, but can you afford them as a small business? Yes! Our CR Local packages are expertly crafted so you get the most bang for your buck!

Managed hosting plans starting at $250/month.

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WordPress Hosting – Website Management in Vancouver WA

City Ranked Local, LLC Specializes in Website Design and SEO for Small Businesses in Oregon & Washington:

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